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Outdoor or Out of Home Advertising Sales JobsOutdoor or OOH Out of Home Advertising is exactly what it says: any advertising message that is used outdoors or anywhere that reaches the consumer when they are out of their home. Think of places like New York City and Las Vegas—everywhere you look, there are neon signs, billboards, video projections, posters, ads on buses—there is some form of advertising every direction. These are all examples of different types of outdoor media. It can range from something as basic as a handwritten poster for a local band stuck on a lamppost to more extravagant forms, such as an aeroplane trailing a banner.

The first changes, some 20 years ago, saw the introduction of backlighting and moving fascia, enabling 24-hour visibility and greater advertiser flexibility. More recently, OOH has embraced digital becoming DOOH: Digital Out of Home Advertising, an increasingly dynamic, adaptive, innovative and interactive medium.

New formats have been created, complementing the already existing high-impact and high-profile classic inventory. This diversity offers brands mass coverage and scale. But it also provides advertisers with incredible creative scope to target people on the move in innovative ways and exploit consumer connectivity by acting as a catalyst for action.

The simplicity and visual impact of classic OOH, coupled with the versatility, motion and instantaneous nature of digital, enables the medium to deliver great things for advertisers: big ideas, big campaigns and big results.

OOH/DOOH- Out of Home Advertising Sales is different from other media: it cannot be avoided or blocked. It is a public, broadcast, medium with reach and impact. It conveys stature and authority, making brands famous and iconic. Academic studies show that when consumers are out and about, they are in an active mindset. This means they are more inclined to absorb and engage with new messages. They are more alert out of their homes, and thus better able to take in messages and information.

OOH/DOOH- Out of Home Advertising planners have never had better tools at their disposal. Data-based analysis, geo-targeting, and OOH’s specialist audience measurement tool – Route – all allow for new levels of sophistication in planning. And greater digital inventory enables OOH campaigns to be deployed with ultimate flexibility and immediacy – by the day or even the hour. This increasing relevance creates new, almost limitless, opportunities for advertisers.

DOOH Digital Out of Home Advertising

According to Route, OOH/DOOH- Out of Home advertising reaches 98% of the UK population every week.

Classic OOH Out of Home Advertising creativity offers unavoidable impact and memorability. DOOH Digital Out of Home Advertising provides advertisers and agencies with a wealth of creative opportunities. Smartphone proliferation allows consumers to respond to OOH calls to action. They snap, search, share and shop more immediately than ever before. Time-sensitive, location-specific, contextual and other dynamic messaging triggers provide advertisers with new creative opportunities to engage with an even more defined audience.

Out of Home Advertising is especially effective at reaching the groups that advertisers want most: young, urban, affluent consumers. On-the-go, digitally connected and highly social, these consumers see the most OOH Out of Home Advertising and take the most action as a result. Not only do they pass on messages by word of mouth and social media, they carry out more mobile searches after seeing an OOH Out of Home Advertising than any other media.

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