You'll also find some tips from our experience if you are looking to be hired for advertising sales jobs UK.

Media Sales is one of the fastest growing fields amongst the existing jobs in sales. Media Sales jobs include selling banners and other paid online and multimedia advertising services to help businesses expand and beat the competition. Media sales jobs UK are rising at an incredible rate, at the expense of traditional channels: the beneficiaries, other than customers, are the professionals who choose jobs in sales amongst this industry field.

Which are the best Media sales jobs UK to choose?
In this page, you can browse by role all existing Media sales jobs UK. Are your experience and skills more fit for jobs in sales as which of the following Media sales jobs UK?

‚ÄčOne of the most frequently searched categories so far is digital advertising sales. If you wish to enter in the digital industry and you are already selling Television & Cinema, Print, Radio, Out of Home, you will have media sales experience. If you can find a hybrid role, that could serve as a nice transition job to bridge the two worlds (e.g. working for a newspaper or magazine publisher that has you sell both offline and online inventory. Do well there and voila, you're in digital ad sales).

Instead, if you wish to struggle to be hired for digital ad sales jobs UK, here are some tips from our experience:
1. Go directly into digital sales at a small, early-stage startup. Not every digital startup can attract experienced sellers. Experienced digital sellers are in high demand and require some combination of high pay, high equity, and strong brand at an established company that isn't too difficult to sell. If you are willing to work without these things, they may take a chance on you. You tend to see recent graduates take these roles. They tend to be inside sales roles with higher volume/lower value products, but this is not a rule. They may even be selling something other than media, but digital sales nonetheless.

2. Start in a non-sales role in digital advertising. This is a very common way of getting into digital ads sales jobs UK. If you don't already have sales experience, you should at least get experience and contacts in the digital world. If you're going to an interview and have never made a cold call, never bounced back from rejection, never shown that you can hit a number AND haven't the first clue what CPM, CTR, CPC etc are, you may not be a very competitive applicant. If a digital seller did not start via route #1 or route #2 above, 95% of them had some other job within digital first.

The two most common paths within #3 are to start on the buy side at an agency or on the sell-side at a publisher/vendor:
3A) If at an agency, you start at the bottom as an assistant planner or buyer. You will have here a clear promotion path within 1-2 years (and some nice perks) and gain a lot of experience and contacts until someone will take a chance on you and hire you directly into on of their sales jobs UK. This is fairly common as the thought goes that even if you are an unproven quantity sales-wise, you at least understand the basics of digital advertising and have friends at agencies. Half the battle in digital ad sales jobs UK is standing out from the crowd and building a relationship with the buyer. You would have friends at your old agency, and at the agencies some of them have gone to (people switch jobs frequently), and you may even understand one or two of the accounts you call on from your previous role working on them, depending on how long you worked on the agency side. This advantage will fade quickly, so you must act quickly and develop other sales skills and contacts: your old colleagues will only see you as one of them for 6-12 months before you're just another one of those "on the dark side". There is no guarantee you'll be successful but this is a common ticket, a chance to prove yourself at digital ad sales jobs UK.

3B) Another route for #3 is to start at a digital ad vendor in some other non-sales capacity. There are often many entry level roles, though some people start as interns, receptionists, or agency assistants/planners first. These positions work with the sales people on winning, maintaining, and growing the business. Spending 1-4 years in these types of roles can get you considered for a sales position. The idea is that while you may not have sales experience, you at least already understand the business and in some cases the specific company and their clients. Prove yourself through hard work, show consistent competence/excellence, make it known that you're interested in sales, and you can earn consideration for a sales position. It's no guarantee though, you must first get very good at the job you have, then take every opportunity to grow yourself - ask to tag along on sales calls, ask salespeople and managers if you can practice pitching them, show initiative and that you already think like a sales person (lack of sales mindset holds many back). If it's not already part of your responsibilities, ask if you can work on sales proposal decks and emails. Ask if you can attend sales pieces of training that the sales people are given. If there's an optional weekly sales meeting that you aren't required to attend, do it anyway. Dress like the sales people. Upsell the clients you work with already. Do everything you can to show interest, develop yourself and your sales abilities.
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