Herefordshire Live / allpay Ltd is the latest media offer from the allpay group.

Think of us as a cross between a Time Out guide for Herefordshire and a gorgeous, glossy mag that people actually read, rather than just flick through in doctors’ waiting rooms.

We are digital. That’s the website, social platforms and anything in between. But no paper. Save the rainforest.

Through exclusive in-depth content, high quality photos and video, Live is showcasing the latest events, and the best culture, lifestyle and sport Herefordshire has on offer. And we are the curated guide to everything happening in the county.

Why Herefordshire?

187,000 people call this green and pleasant land home. So do we. And we are proud to do so.

Who is reading this? 

Anyone who likes food, drink, film, theatre, sports, art, festivals, the colour blue, the smell of fresh-cut grass…

Basically there’s something on the site for everyone, and - with our What’s On section fast-becoming the first-click for anyone looking for something to do in Herefordshire – there’s a reason to keep coming back. A significant number of eyeballs on the site are coming from outside the county borders, which makes sense with more and more people looking to escape the big cities and find something different in the countryside.

What sets us apart? 

We are not a pop-up website. We are not a one-man band running out of our kitchen. We are a team of long-standing professional journalists and media execs who are passionate about all things shire.