Handle Recruitment London

Handle Recruitment London: a recruitment agency that cuts through the noise

Fantastic brands choose to work with Handle Recruitment London because they absolutely understand their culture and values.
Handle Recruitment London makes sure that each person they place embraces and exemplifies them too, so that from junior to senior level our candidates are happy, successful and driven: Handle Recruitment London knows that they will provide unrivalled access to career paths with real development potential in iconic companies. 

Digital social networks and CV sourcing sites mean that candidates actively looking for jobs can be instantly found by every recruitment agency – the challenge now is getting access to the best candidates.

Handle Recruitment London holds the relationships that help them cut through the noise and connect with the right people – people who’ll be a perfect cultural fit for your organisation.

By working with Handle Recruitment London, you’ll be investing in a partner who can take a ‘deep dive’ approach. Handle Recruitment London will get you access to those 'receptive' candidates who are not on the open market. They're the ones who’ve told them they’d be interested to hear about that 'great next role', and trust them to find it for them. 

Handle Recruitment London is deeply invested in the brands they work with. Handle Recruitment London knows each client, its market and its culture inside out, and understands the capabilities and qualities of the people who'll shine.

Handle Recruitment London connects their clients with exceptional people who will power their brand, and we connect brilliant candidates with roles they'll love in the following exciting sectors.