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Established in 2006, 1PGR has grown and developed in the Graduate Recruitment market place. As one of the few graduate recruitment specialists in London, the professional, personable and lively team are well versed in placing motivated, money hungry and professional graduates into exceptional careers in the capital.

The takeover by the current Managing Director in 2010 has seen the success of 1PGR rocket. The team doubled in 2014 leading to 1PGR breaking into new sectors and the retention rate with our graduates reaching 20% above industry average, and this success looks to continue.

With its base in West London, 1PGR is ideally placed to aid graduates with their career search. Offering brilliant careers with quality, committed employers, advice and guidance on jobs, your CV, interviews and moving to London and a thorough interview process which means you as well as the 1PGR team will know for sure that a career in sales or recruitment is the one for you.

Today, 1PGR is London’s leading graduate recruitment company. Our consultants specialise in placing graduates into sales and recruitment roles in the capital. Everyone at 1PGR has been in the very position you are, so know how best to help. We also offer advice on CV’s, career prospects, interview tips and your general job search.
1st Place Graduate Recruitment is London’s leading specialist in attracting and selecting outstanding graduates for media sales jobs in London and throughout the UK.

Our Graduate Media Sales Recruitment.

If you see an advert in a magazine, on a billboard, on TV, in the airport, on the train or pretty much anywhere, that’s media sales. Someone has had to sell that advertising opportunity to an agency or directly to a company. It is that selling of an opportunity, rather than just any old bit of advertising space that makes media sales such an exciting arena to start your sales career in. You’ll need to understand as much as possible about the opportunity that the particular media space you are trying to sell offers to a potential buyer.
What is the most common identity of people who will view the advert? How is that relevant to a particular advertiser?
Advertisers are constantly trying to expose their product to as big a target market as possible and media sales allow advertisers to achieve this. Different products will be directed at different target markets and understanding this is crucial to be able to sell your opportunity. Of course knowing as much as possible about what your advertising space can offer to a client will be key to your success. You might have space in a magazine targeted at 18-24-year-old men – you wouldn’t approach a company who sells menopause supplements to the 40+ market, would you?! We would certainly hope not anyway… If you’re searching for graduate jobs in media and sales is one of your strengths, then media sales jobs could provide the perfect opportunity to fulfil your potential.

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