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Incisive Media London

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Incisive Media is an award-winning B2B information and events business. Their customers rely on us to deliver news, opinion and insight to inform critical business decisions; networking to engage them with industry peers and partners; and create marketing solutions to enable their business to perform.

Since Incisive Media London began in 1994 they have grown from a single B2B financial magazine to a global digital media business with offices on 3 continents.

Incisive Media London has an enviable portfolio of market-leading B2B brands and events serving professional business markets. This is something their peers have recognised by awarding us the coveted AOP Digital Publisher of the Year title twice.

Incisive Media London recruits the smartest, developing them into influential figures on their brands and their communities. Incisive Media London people speak with authority and independence, are always curious and deliver the best products that our audiences trust and value.

Incisive Media London is a leader in the digital business information market. Quality journalism is at the heart of their business and they have an unquestioned reputation for delivering high-quality information to our communities when they want it and how they want it. 

Incisive Media London delivers high-quality, timely information to our communities as quickly as possible, in the format their readers want it, when they need it. 

At Incisive Media London ambitious, talented, bright and passionate people thrive and build successful careers and the many industry awards won by their brands, their journalists, and their event, marketing and commercial teams is testament to their shared success.