What is Media Sales? Maybe it’s the right career for you!

Posted on:  February 12,2019  Author: Admin

When each morning dawns, do you find yourself dreading the thought of work? Are you bored of every day being the same? Do you wish you had as much interaction with people as you do with your computer? It’s time for a change. Maybe a career in media sales is the solution.

Media Sales market is unlike any other. It revolves around creativity and charisma. The roles require lots of personality and passion. In media sales, having excellent communication skills get you much further than qualifications do.

The UK has one of the biggest media sales industries in the entire world. This means there are always opportunities and advertising sales jobs‎, so it’s the perfect place to jump into your new media sales career. No two work days will ever be the same again because of the fast-paced, unpredictable nature of this exciting industry. There is only one thing you can expect consistently from every day: copious coffee consumption.

What is Media Sales perfect attitude?

You have a magnetic personality. You are confident but not arrogant. An exceptional negotiator, you’re persuasive yet accommodating. You’re bursting with zeal and you are able to form a connection with anyone.

Media sales employees have to deal with all types of people on a daily basis, so you must be comfortable talking to absolutely anyone. A high-profile client doesn’t intimidate you or throw you off—you act the same around them as you would with your best friend.

It is a common misconception that the best salespeople are successful because they have the gift of gab. This is simply not true. Talking endlessly just to fill silences doesn’t qualify as a conversation. To prosper as a salesperson, you must engage with clients and listen to them; you cannot just talk at them. Building a rapport is the foundation of landing a sale. Media sales professionals are great problem solvers because they pay close attention to any concerns the client may have. This strengthens the relationship further because it allows the client to be provided with specific solutions tailored to their exact circumstances instead of being given general, vague advice.

What is Media Sales perfect interview like?

Be prepared for the unexpected. Media and advertising interviews don’t follow the typical formal guidelines of a standard interview. They are designed to test creativity, so the questions may be completely off the walls.

“How do you make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?” “What’s your most embarrassing childhood memory?” Bizarre questions are actually the perfect opportunity to show how you stand out from all the other candidates. Switch the interview around—now it’s your turn to give them the unexpected. The key to a great response is to make the answers your own. Do not give a rehearsed anecdote that could apply to anybody, because the worst reply is a generic one. Most importantly, be confident in your answers. After all, if you aren’t able to sell yourself, how would you be able to sell the company? Be so captivating and enticing that by the end of the interview, the employer will think you could sell air conditioning to a polar bear.

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