What are the best/worst parts of being a media planner?

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Today we’d like to explain what the reasons why marketing managers still see value in hiring a media planner for their advertising campaigns and which are the best/worst parts of this career.


First of all, a media planner for an advertising agency is the person who is responsible for a campaign’s following choices:   

  • the medium;
  • connected creatives,
  • audience to be targeted
  • areas to be tested initially
  • Analysis of the results
  • changes to be incorporated or not
  • the base of copy creation
  • Visuals
  • Layout of the design, or story of the movie and its artwork
  • sketches and getting the work done
  • Final approval by sitting with client
  • Planning – where to release the ads and which channels and at what time and how long it should be.
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In order to succeed as a media planner, you need to have:

  • an insight of the marketing and its works
  • innovative ideas to handle different markets at the same time
  • creative knowledge and intuition

Even if it seems always easier to develop an advertising media plan by researching options on the Internet, finding media sales contacts and even ad rate cards, Marketing managers still see value in hiring a media planner for their advertising campaigns and actually, more so than ever before, due to the huge increase in complexity in the media space, to the increased demand for media performance and the need for cross-channel planning.

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Marketing Advertising Campaign and communication strategy

Finding the right media planner for a brand and category is vital because there two things at stake when it comes to advertising:

  1. Reputation and Credibility of the company.
  2. The money involved in getting the advertising campaign together.

While the second point is rather self-explanatory, a company’s reputation and credibility are the factors that lure customers. These can be escalated considerably through effective advertising, and can similarly be downplayed by reckless advertising adventurism. This makes it very important to hire a media planner that will effectively enhance ROI and boost sales.

Since, for example, finding media sales contacts online is not a reliable manner of lead generation, inadequacy in this department can cause a company to lose out on a number of potential clients.

And what are the best and the worst parts of a media planner career?

media plannerYou will also have the chance to save the world from intrusive, obnoxious, impersonal, insincere and ineffective advertising, laying instead the foundations for ads with that actually work.

Applying your expertise to the challenges and opportunities of the clients’ business and driving their objectives, together with the agency’s  is extremely gratifying. You will be assuring the client’s message is obliging and will be getting it delivered in a right form, at right time to the targeted visitors. Furthermore, working in a high-performance, collaborative environment with individuals who have a range of skills and bits of intelligence, is a great way to spend your time.

Still, it could be frustrating when campaigns and broader initiatives are terminated due to factors outside of your or your client’s control. You should also be ready to matching crunch deadlines…

but if this doesn’t scare you, you love your media planner career, but not so much your current occupation, then check all the newest media planner jobs and apply to them, to have your chance for a great, new start!








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