The best selling selling pieces of advice ever given

Posted on:  August 14,2018  Author: Admin

Over our career, we’ve been learning (and continuing to learn) from others and experience, especially as the complexity of sales changes as technology and buyers evolve. Selling in the Linked-In age is different than the “smile and dial” age! For this reason, we’ve thought it would be useful to collect some of the best selling pieces of advice ever given.

      • Ask the prospect what they are trying to accomplish (need/want) then be quiet and listen. You have one mouth and two ears – remember that.
      • Let the prospect do 90% of the talking.
      • Empower the customer to do all the work, come up with all the solutions and guide him along the way. Sales are easy.


    • Be 100% accurate about you, your product, and whether or not your prospect needs it
  • Don’t sell past “yes”: it doesn’t matter how many trial closes are left in your script, it doesn’t matter how much more good info you have to share -it doesn’t even matter how much the client needs that info! – and it doesn’t matter how nice a conversation you all are having; the only thing you can get now is a “no”. Be silent and start the paperwork.
  • See 20 sales prospects each day, face-to-face
  • 50 calls before your 2nd cup of coffee.
  • Stand up when you are selling on the phone
  • Follow up until you drop
  • Sales is all about trust: if they don’t like you or don’t trust you they won’t do business with you
  • Likewise, people rarely choose to engage in long, strenuous buying cycles with people they just don’t like. If they don’t like you or don’t trust you your product may be perfect but they’ll go to the ends of the Earth looking for a viable alternative to having a subordinate deal with you as a last resort. It’s much easier to just be pleasant.
  • Know when to walk away
  • Write down your most important goals and keep these in front of you every day. Set goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, revisable, and time-based (SMART), and revise them on a regular, even scheduled basis.
  • Be enthusiastic & optimistic. Being realistic can often be detrimental.
  • Speak on the customer’s level: a confused buyer says “no”
  • Sales are 90% lead generation. The rest is customer service & presenting.
  • Don’t venture to sell ice in the Himalayas
  • A small grin from a customer is as good as a written deal.
  • Tell memorable stories. Always start with the most interesting point in the story. Then be AUTHENTIC, be vulnerable, and be REAL. When you contemplate sharing a personal story where all three are present, your heart rate increases because you fear no one will like you. In reality, the exact opposite occurs. Make them laugh if you can. People want added value from your stories, so find ways to add value. And make sure your story answers the question your audience is thinking: “What’s in it for me?”
  • You never give without getting: when your customer asks for a discount (or anything else that is of value to them: Reference/PoC/Trial etc…)., it’s a buying signal and you will need to strategize your response. Ask for something in return, like: “Yes Mr. prospect, I will ask the manager if she is willing to offer you the discount you are asking for, but I know what she is going to ask me in return…and that is when I think this deal will get signed“? If you get a chance to give something else of value away, ask your internal sponsor/champion for personal references into three other (similarly titled) people that they interact with in other companies. You will never get a better lead than these kinds…


Let us know any other selling pieces of advice you’d like to share in the comments or on our Social Channels and check our media sales jobs to get those pieces of advice to use!

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