The 3 most important Radio Advertising sales strategies

Posted on:  November 14,2017  Author: Admin

One of the most targeted forms of advertising in its demographic and in its results forms is on the radio because different stations and even specific broadcasts can range to just about everything you can think of—sports, news, every music genre – especially with the introduction of satellite radio – providing access to a given segment of the population.

Companies can get to understand this and your taking advantage of this targeting record is one of the most important amongst the Radio Advertising sales strategies.

When selling radio advertising, knowing your audience, your radio and your client’s needs is vital.

Radio Advertising sales strategies # 1: Know your radio. Based on the content they air, the locations they broadcast to and the reach they have, different stations will have different audiences. You won’t find many hip-hop concert ads on a conservative talk station, but you may find more sports memorabilia commercials on a sports-themed station. Ads need to make sense to the audience they reach: knowing who is in that audience and if what they use, want and generally do matches your client’s needs is a key to successful selling radio advertising. It’s up to you to know who that is and why.

Radio Advertising sales strategies # 2: Know your Audience in your radio’s dayparting. 
It’s incredible how many people selling radio advertising don’t listen to the station… ever! Instead, you need to know your product and how its audience changes through the different times of the day. For example, morning and afternoon drive audience (6–10 am- 3–7 pm) is traditionally one of the most listened-to portions of the schedule, mostly made up of rush hour commuting people, making more effective the radio advertising that targets working adults, than during lunchtime or weekends.  Midday (10 am–3 pm) sees more involvement by stay-at-home mums or dads, retired people or other segments of the audience that have access to radios throughout the day. Evenings (7 pm – midnight) are a popular time for syndicated programs, while overnights (midnight – 6 am) are generally automated. The larger and more desirable the audience share, the higher the cost of the airtime. Understanding which slots will interest which advertisers and why, demonstrating this understanding in your pitch, will be vital.

Know your radio audience

Radio Advertising sales strategies # 3: Know your client. Contact potential clients that you consider relevant to your radio’s target, to demonstrate how your station could make them earn more money. Many potential clients may be confused by the term “target audience” because they want to sell their products to everyone. That’s why they often waste money on newspaper or TV advertising that doesn’t reach their potential customers. Most business owners instinctively know if the people they want to reach listen to hip-hop, country or sports radio and this is already a good starting point. Then focus on their brief and try to sell solutions to what is the client trying to achieve, their problem and brief. Don’t be a salesperson, be the person trying to help their business. Know advertising and marketing. You are sitting along side them, not on the other side of the desk.

If you feel confident in carrying out these 3 main sales strategies, check all the newest radio advertising jobs and apply to them, to begin now your new exciting career!





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