Telemarketing tips: how to better manage your business calls

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telemarketing tips

Telemarketing is a daily activity for a media sales executive or anyone with a sales job. These telemarketing tips may be very useful for you to better manage your business calls if it ever happens to you to feel helpless in not being able to cope with the excuses and objections of your prospects on the phone.

Below we will show you then some useful telemarketing tips to overcome some unpleasant barriers:

Telemarketing tips #1: Be Fast

If you already have the contact details, try calling your customer as soon as possible. Imagine him in front of his computer, still checking the request he just published, and receiving your call within a few minutes. His first impression is going to be … wow! If too much time passes after he manifested his interest, he may find his solution elsewhere.

67% of individuals who make a request for service assign the job in less than one day after they were called back.

If you can not contact him at first attempt, try calling him again later in the same day and the following days at different times. Send him an e-mail, so that he knows you’re trying to get in touch with him. He may be as busy as you are.

Telemarketing tips #2: When he answers….

When the contact is made by phone, you know how the sound of your voice, the language you use and the feelings you conjure are keys to the beginning of the professional relationship. Empathise with the potential customer is crucial and psychology teaches us that you only have 30 seconds to capture his interest. Read well his request before calling: asking for specific details is going to show your interest and your proactive attitude.

  • Listen. From the very first call, let the customer speak and tell you what he wants to do.
  • Take notes to remember what you’ve been told in the next conversation so that you can show that you listened carefully and that his opinion is important to you.

Telemarketing tips #3: How to cancel the possible excuses

The most common excuse regard the price. “It’s too expensive for me“, they may say.  Behind this excuse you can detect the following reasons:

  • The client really has a really tight budget. Telemarketing tips: Try to find out if this is the chance. If for example, he says he doesn’t have the money at that time, you could ask, “If you could defer payment, would you be interested?”. If the answer is no, it is clear that the objection is false, and so you have to try to find out what is the real reason for the refusal. If you the answer is yes, and if you can, then actually make the deferred payment and try to close the sale (payment in instalments, advance payment or other payment types, etc.).
  • The tendency to negotiate. Telemarketing tips: Although lowering the prices is not the best solution, sometimes it’s just the only option. Anyway, a price cut is a preferential treatment
    and this is something that is never given away for anything, it needs to have something in exchange.
     You could you lower the price of something in return for something else, like some more small additional works to the project, or to the initial restructuring, another additional cheaper service, etc.
  • Insecurity. Telemarketing tips: In this case, in order to make the client feel more confident in your services, you may offer guarantees, may they be in time or functional.
  • Poor perceived value. Telemarketing tips:  Even if the customer will push you to do it, do not fall into the trap of talking about prices before meeting his needs. Delay the ‘price’ argument later and explain in detail, for example, the financial implications of your proposal to the customer: how much may it costs him the current solution? How much will he save with your option? If you really need to change something, rather than lowering prices, it is always better to add an improvement in execution timing, facilities or services that will make his life easier.
  • Competition. Telemarketing tips:  Avoid making so that any customer could ever consider your offer exactly the same as one or more of your main competitors: in this case, the only solution to get an advantage on them is to lower your prices!

Telemarketing tips #4: If he doesn’t reply…. 

Once you made your offer, if the customer doesn’t give any feedback in several days, call him again! The best way to know what objections could delay his decision is to ask questions in a follow-up phone call. 

Unless he expresses not to be interested in any further information, then you can keep in touch with him, for example emailing some pictures and information about some of your recent portfolio works that are related to the work he required.

Make sure your old customers attract new customers, asking them to publish reviews about you in the channels you find mostly useful. Your satisfied customer will be your own media sales executive: never forget that most Internet users browse opinions before choosing one product/service/professional over another!

Why is it important that other customers can read reviews from other users?

Because of purchases credibility. If you have good references, the possibility of finding a customer increases. Don’t ever forget to actively ask for them.

And you? Let us know what you do to convert a quote request into a customer!

Email us your telemarketing tricks, we’d love to publish them in our next article, also as an interview from you if you desire! 



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