Strategies to get new clients for an Advertising Agency

Posted on:  February 19,2019  Author: Admin

Advertising AgencyIf you struggle to get new clients for an Advertising Agency, consider some of the following strategies:

Focusing on specific and particular commercial centre fragments: There are so many different types of advertising agencies out there, that it’s hard for companies to make a choice. In the end, a lot of them end up looking for someone who knows their specific industry. If you already have clients in a specific industry, use that to prove that you are an expert.

In fact, SEO is very important for listings, and websites are needed, but in all nearly none is going to check out the website if your referrals are near personal between several CEOs. You will not get a client, regardless of how high you are in the listings, if the business looking for your services is introduced to another agency through referrals and relationships: for this reason, you will have to ask for referrals as often as you can.
Referral and reference are the most powerful tools. Picking an ad agency is a tricky process – one where you need to trust the instincts of your agency. That makes it a very heavily relationship based business: relationships are everything in this kind of business and a small introduction from one of your current client to another potential client can do wonders.  You should be spending a few hours a day making sure you’re setting up relationships in some way every work day and taking advantage of them. Use your social media to supplement this strategy, not as an individual tactic.

Strategies to get new clients for an Advertising Agency

Go to networking events, country clubs (if possible): this is essential for networking. It gives you easy access to decision makers of bigger companies. You can start by going to local events and then look up big national ones. Always have a card ready; you may find useful to have also an elevator speech memorised – no, you’ll never pitch in an actual elevator until later, but you just need to sound impressive, knowledgeable and overall on top of your game when asked the ominous question: “What do you do?”.

Be eagle-eyed: Check information about all new products launch through newspapers. Scan what they are doing and go propose your own plan, activation ideas etc. When you see useless ad go and talk with that company brand managers. Give your feedback, tell them how they can improve upon it.

And if you feel confident in your skills of media sales executive or account manager for an advertising agency, but you’d like to test them with a new job, check all advertising sales jobs and apply to the ones that seem to be more appealing: your future exciting career may be awaiting you now!




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