Selling digital media advertising space on outdoor digital billboard.

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In order to achieve the success selling Digital media Out of Home (DOOH) advertisement, you need to offer the Companies the perfect billboard space on which to place their perfect advert.
Firstly, you have to find the appropriate locations that fit that Company’s needs and budget. If the location of your billboard is prime, it will be easy for you to sell it.

Billboards have become one of the strongest media strategies for every advertiser, whereas just a few years ago it was considered a weaker solution than TV, radio and newspapers’. The Internet disrupted those strategies, leaving billboards unscathed. 

Selling digital media advertising space on outdoor digital billboards requires figuring out very well how digital signage works. You can’t promote something you don’t quite understand very well. For selling digital media out of home (DOOH) advertising, you need to know how those digital ads function in terms of how you are to receive the creative product, how it reaches the billboard and what technical necessities a consumer ought to have entry to be able to take advantage of this alternative. The identical applies to the natural billboard promoting; you must realise what it takes to get a billboard in a location so that you can provide an explanation for it to your consumers.

Selling digital media advertising space on outdoor digital billboard.Digital billboards use the same technology as traffic advisory signs on the freeway. The data is entered on a computer and transmitted via a cellular network in a matter of seconds. Depending on the quality of the display screen on the other side, these billboards can contain everything from simple text to video images. DOOH is actually quite cost-effective compared to older methods of creating billboards, which are either tiled, printed and manually glued to the billboard surface or painted by hand. Digital billboards allow several advertisers to share the billboard space, which can save money, but the main factor is board location (rural board costs very little, boards on the highway in very popular areas, so much more).

You will have to be sure that your client has a clear understanding of how well DOOH ads work for promoting their product in the distinct geographic areas. Then present more than one area at a time. For illustration, an advertising buying company may wish to catch some extra luxurious demographic, so the billboard must be in a greater revenue part of the city; said advertising buying company may additionally want to reach other targets, with different spaces: this would permit the retailer to reach two one-of-a-kind demographics in a single contract with you. This sort of reach is among the more appealing aspects of out of doors advertising.  Offer discounted rates for advertising on multiple billboards: some advertisers also prefer to purchase a number of billboards in order to keep their messages in the audience eyes.

The unit in which digital billboards are sold is either the ‘flip’ (the duration of seconds, usually between 8-15 seconds, that your creative is displayed before another advertiser’s creative is shown) or by ‘minutes per hour’.  The former is typical of billboards on roadways/highways/freeways and the latter is typical of mass tourist areas.The pricing of the flip or minute per hour can vary much, depending on the market conditions and the negotiating acumen in selling digital media.

Finally, remember that the main goal of any business is not just to create customers. It is to create customers who then will also create customers (that is, customer advocates). This is the perfect marketing solution for 99 % of all businesses and is why we believe word of mouth marketing is your most important marketing campaign tool. Word of mouth marketing takes consumers by surprise, makes an indelible impression, and pops up where and when people least expect it. It often has a large targeted audience and often can be accomplished at reduced cost.

Selling digital media advertising space on outdoor digital billboards is still in its growth stage and potentialities are still amazingly open.

filling a virtual bag: integration DOOH mobile

Filling a virtual bag: integration DOOH-mobile

Think of the new integration between DOOH and mobile and to recognition, which bridges easily from identification to emotion: one of the latest examples is the campaign at Ocean’s Holland Park Roundabout site, in which Renault Mégane identified drivers from their number plates and served them personalised advertising based on their car model.

Selling digital media advertising space on outdoor digital billboards is therefore a very lucrative idea: check all digital outdoor advertising jobs and apply today to have your chance to begin a new career in this exciting industry!



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