Question Time - The best questions to ask at the end of your interview

Posted on:  June 28,2021  Author: Nicci R

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, it’s a simple fact that an interview will usually be the one thing standing between you and the job of your dreams. 


You are being judged


Interviews are designed to help an employer figure out whether or not you’ve got the skills and experience that they need and to see if you will fit in with the existing team.  Whether your interview is ‘in real life’ or by Zoom call, there will be one last question before you leave - the dreaded ‘Do you have any questions?’  Many candidates struggle with this one and end up mumbling, ‘No, thanks, I think you’ve covered everything’ - which is a shame as this really is a missed opportunity to shine.  We’ve put together some of the best questions to ask at the end of your interview to make sure that you stay in the interviewer’s mind long after the final handshake:


How will my performance be evaluated?  This question shows that you are keen enough to be imagining yourself in the job and are already focusing on your performance.  It’s also a really valid question as this is good information to have if you are offered the job.


The company’s mission statement says xxx - how does that translate to day to day working?  Look at you, reading the company’s mission statement ahead of your interview!  This shows that you are interested enough to have done some research both on the company and on its values and is almost certain to impress.


What would you expect me to achieve within the first six months of starting?  Again, this shows that you are placing yourself in the role and thinking about what you will need to do to succeed.


What’s the biggest challenge that the team faces?  Hey, great question - and even better if you can use the answer to your advantage by mentioning a similar challenge that you have faced - and overcome - in the past.


What are the projects that I will be working on in the first few weeks?  While the interviewer is unlikely to give you any in-depth information about particular projects, he or she will take note of the fact that you are thinking ahead and are taking a proactive stance.


Are there gaps in the current team skillsets that this role is designed to fill?  This question gives you the opportunity to show just how neatly your skills will be in plugging those gaps.


What are the next steps in the process?  This is, of course, a professional way of asking when they plan to offer you the job!


Going to an interview armed with some thoughtful and relevant questions is the perfect way of ending your interview on a high note and can be really effective in making sure that the interviewer remembers you - as well as arming you with some really useful insights into the company and what its like to work there.


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The best questions to ask at the end of your interview

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