Our 12 New Year's good tips for college graduates looking for jobs

Posted on:  November 26,2019  Author: Admin

These days, most bachelor’s degrees don’t guarantee a job. The job market is tough and that’s something most graduates have to deal with, unfortunately. It takes graduates 3 to 9 months on average to land a job.

So, first off, relax. You have your whole professional life in front of you. Finishing college is a big achievement and deserves to be celebrated.

Eventually, you want to land a job… To help you achieve faster this goal, we thought we could start the New Year thinking of new starters, so here are

12 good tips for college graduates looking for jobs:

  1. Approach your job hunt like an actual job. Start planning and scheduling your time wisely. Organize everything and keep track of every vacancy, connection etc., creating an excel sheet and tracking your progress (instead of results: this will help you to stay motivated). Don't forget to schedule free time, and don’t feel bad about it: you do need it to recharge your inner "batteries".
  2. 80% of graduates generally search for jobs on job boards, submitting applications online, in the specific graduate jobs sections. This strategy doesn’t require much effort and it can be really effective.
  3. The most important thing is to stay positive: read and watch motivational material about others success, TED, and online lectures.
  4. New ideas and developments open your mind to the possibilities available for you in terms of career and your interests. Read a lot of non-fiction books, follow news outlets, and follow specific people that you can learn from.
  5. Contact people you find interesting or want to find out about their career path via LinkedIn: you'll gain tremendous insight from it. There are many roads that will lead you to the same general goal and they may give you unexpected insights.
  6. Don't be afraid to change your mind as often as you need to, and relish in the knowledge you gain from each experience.
  7. Find companies that you like, or projects that you might enjoy working on and send them your CV/application. With small-medium companies, the chances of your resume being read are higher, and sometimes that is all you need.
  8. Work Your Connections: You may be surprised by the opportunities that someone you know may have available. Talk to people in your network and let people know that you are looking for work. This can seem embarrassing or intimidating, but many referral programs have some sort of incentive for employees, so your connection will benefit from referring you as well. Check alumni groups on LinkedIn and Facebook, your friends and all possible connections.
  9. Forge New Connections: If you have exhausted all of your networks, go out there and form new connections. Go to events for people in your field or career fairs. Contact companies that you are interested in even if they don’t currently have any positions open. Just by meeting new people, in general, they may be able to connect you to new opportunities.
  10. Consider New Locations: When you’re applying for jobs online it can seem like location isn’t that important, but that’s not true. There are a lot of locations out there with more job opportunities and a more positive environment for job seekers.
  11. Start a New Project or Side Job: Gaps on your resume make you look less appealing to hiring managers and can make it hard to tell a story that sounds compelling to them. So while you are finding your first job out of college, also be sure to pick up new skills. i.e. learn a language, take a class, or try out a part-time job. Anything that you are working on can help keep your resume looking full and can give you good material for any interviews you land. Check our Media Sales Jobs   broaden your knowledge and enrich your CV with specific, job-related, precious skills and knowledge!
  12. Volunteering would you be giving back to your community but you never know who you are going to meet. Volunteer opportunities could turn into a part-time job through the organization or through somebody you meet through the organization you are volunteering at.

Do you have any tips for college graduates looking for jobs to add? Share them with us in the comments on our Social Media!

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