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Making A Career In Media Sales: A Brief Guide

Many graduates are taking up media sales as a career option for its dynamic attributes. While mainstream options like finance and commerce offer lucrative career opportunities, media sales make a bright career option if you’ve got enough nerves.  A career in media sales has much to offer, from decent packages to career growth. It is fantastic to work as a media sales executive. Although it has its own set of challenges, it rewards talented and meritorious candidates. Also, it’s fun to work in this sector and you get to interact with people from diverse fields. To help you understand the scope of this career option, we have compiled a career guide that sheds light to the various aspects of this lucrative stream.

You don’t need formal qualifications for media sales roles, for most companies choose graduates for such roles. It does not matter which background you are from, your company will train you in sales courses where you will be taught to manage phone calls and other important matters.

Most people have the wrong notion about media sales and associate sales with aggressive techniques. Advertisement selling jobs are not always about heated discussions and aggressive policies. All you need is good people skills and a competitive spirit.

Media Sales at a Glance

Media sales is an umbrella term for a wide range of jobs. It can be an advert in newspapers, promotional content on the internet or television commercials. Besides helping clients to find suitable solutions for their unique needs, it enables clients to find suitable campaigns and place them before the target audience.

A huge part of the responsibility involves account management and interacting with clients via emails. Since advertising sales jobs involve client meetings, it offers a wonderful opportunity to network with important personalities from the industry.

This profession can be a rewarding option for people with great communication skills. Since you need to interact with different types of people and build important connections, a career in media sales demands you to be sociable.

How to Launch a Career in Media Sales?

Launching a career in media sales is never a difficult task, provided you have the necessary skills to make sales negotiations. Like any other corporate field, media sales jobs demand a strong work-ethic. In case you are wondering what you are expected to have, here are some essential attributes that will help you make a breakthrough in advertising sales:

-    You need to have excellent people skills to communicate important business matters.

-    You need to develop good sales techniques to convince clients about the advantages of the product/service.

-    Besides sales techniques, you are expected to be adept in written and communication skills.

-    You also need to have great telephone attitudes.

-    Good time management skills will help you manage your leads successfully.

-    Nothing can beat real-world experiences and professionalism when it comes to making important contacts in the industry.

-    Communication skills are not always about speaking skills. In order to make suitable negotiations, you need to listen to your clients' requirements. You need to listen more than you speak.

Media Sales can be a lucrative career option if you know where to start. Generally, getting into television or radio ad sales is not difficult. Most graduates tend to lose their tracks and end up somewhere else. The best way to get started is by applying for internships. Internships provide you with the necessary insight while you get to grab some extra bucks. For applicants, there are support positions, such as sales assistants and sales coordinators which involve back-office jobs, prompting you to prepare for your future events.