Is radio advertising effective? 4 reasons why it’s good for your clients

Posted on:  July 17,2018  Author: Admin

Is radio advertising effective?” is a very common question: after sharing the 3 most important Radio Advertising sales strategies, today we’d like to give an answer, based on the experience of the media sales roles, specifically the reasons people in Radio Advertising Sales jobs know why is Radio Advertisement good for your clients.

  1. The first reason to answer YES to the question: “Is radio advertising effective?”: it surely is cost effective. Inexpensive or free production costs can seal the deal with a client because, at many radio stations, the person who sells the spot is the same who writes the script. Since he/she already draw salaries as part of the staff, the production cost to the station is minimal. That means the station can waive any fees it might charge for the ads if the client agrees to purchase a certain number of spots.
  2. The second reason to answer YES to the question: “Is radio advertising effective?“: it surely is time effective. Radio ads can air pretty quickly, being written, produced and aired all in the same day if a station has open advertising slots on its program log, while television or newspaper advertisements can take weeks, if not months of production before the target audience sees them. If it’s late August and a clothing store is late launching a sale for its fall fashions, it still has time to mount a successful radio advertising campaign. Getting a TV commercial on the air or in the print media on such short notice can be mission impossible.
  3.  The third reason to answer YES to the question: “Is radio advertising effective?” is due to its low CPM, or “cost per thousands,” rate. An advertisement must air repeatedly if you want the sales message to stick in the audience’s brain and radio provides the opportunity to repeatedly air the client’s message multiple times throughout the day at relatively minimal cost. By the time a listener hears the same ad five times on the way to work and another five times on the way home, she will know.
  4.  The last reason to answer YES to the question: “Is radio advertising effective?” is the simplicity of the message.

With the wealth of advantages over other forms of media that Radio advertising can offer, the answer to the question: “Is radio advertising effective?” can be else than YES. Emphasize each of them, and you’ll persuade clients to buy spots on your station that will increase sales and decrease their expenditures.


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