How to write a sales email: examples, effective sales tips and email writing techniques

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How to write a sales email examples How to write a sales email examplesGetting to know how to write a sales email copy is probably one of the hardest and the most crucial part in the process of getting someone interested in talking to you from cold email contact. Here are some effective sales tips on how to write a sales email examples with email writing techniques to write good sales emails to potential clients.

Make a prospect list: The results you will get from your emails don’t just depend on how you write your sales email, but most importantly on the quality of your leads. Low-quality lead lists will waste your time and energy. In order for you to get a good list, you need to use some prospecting tools, like LinkedIn, where you could find targeted leads through a thorough search feature, through industry, company, or through mutuals.

Sales letter to potential client: Impress with the subject line

Subject lines make the first impression of your email. It should be impressive and powered with the abilities to drive your recipients to open the email sent by you, persuading them that the email is of much importance and he/she should read it.

The introduction email to a client

It needs to be short and sweet, not really a "sales" email, but more of an introduction. Actually, people generally don't have time for or want to read a sales email so you shouldn't really be wasting too much of your time writing one. The mission of the first email is not to sell, it's to introduce and perk their interest so they reach for more. This means that you have about 4 to 5 lines to say enough to spark their interest.

When you're prospecting for sales, to write a good sales email, you need to tell the receiver things that they care about and not things about your product which they could not be familiar with in the first place. Tell them how your product could address the problems they’re facing. Basically, give them a reason to open your message. Here are two of the most crucial things to remember before drafting that message.

The friendly approach is always the right way to draft emails. It gives a soothing feeling to the recipients. It is advised to keep the corporate prestige aside and drafting your emails in a friendly manner.

Sales emails writing techniques: the Don'ts

  • Many pros make the mistake of sending a jam-packed email with all the features listed in bullet form. Not only is this salesy, but it also shows laziness. Prospects like knowing that you took the time to research them before sending them a messaging.
  • Don't write too long sales emails, trying to answer all questions and to sell through the email, since this is an incredibly ineffective approach. Focus on writing something to spark interest and from there set up a call: real sales are made on the phone or in person.
  • Often emails for which senders are not identified instantly are either marked as spam or are ignored. Make sure that your email address and the first few sentences of the emails help the recipients identify you and your company.
  • Attachments should be avoided: Unnecessary attachments take a time to open. This might be annoying sometimes. The recipients will get irritated and can ignore the attachments. Any important information should be added to the body of the email, rather than making it a separate attachment. If there is no option but to attach files, use web links. They are easy to open, are not client software dependent, and don’t get blocked by spam filter.
  • At this point, you probably already know that many people won’t answer your emails. It is not their obligation, people tend to ignore advertising messages when they don’t feel comfortable to buy the product/service. Don’t play the angry salesperson which will send an email saying “Why won’t you answer me?” or “Please don’t ignore me!”. It will truly make you lose the client and also your good reputation. Playing the passive-aggressive person will make you lose your opportunity, by making them feel guilty and stressed. If you perceive they won’t reply to any follow-up (even though they’ve opened all your messages), you might have to stop messaging them. Some people are very polite and they will not tell you they’re not interested. You can send a message like “Hey, as I can see, this is not the right time for you, so I’ll stop emailing. Maybe in the future, we can make find better solutions. Thanks!”.

 In a professional closing email, a call to action should be included

Each and every email is sent with an expectation of some action from the recipients. These actions should be stated in the emails. This makes the actual purpose of the email clear. The activity of writing the email in such a fashion that it induces the desired action is called Call to Action.

Here are a couple of examples of emails to customers:

[How to write a sales email examples 1 How to write a sales email examples 2 

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