How to write a good cover letter: words or phrases you should use or avoid

Posted on:  December 12,2016  Author: Admin

How to write a good cover letter: a lot has been written about how to structure it, how to start and end it nicely, but little has been said about specific words or phrases you should use or avoid to get picked for the job.

A stand-out and professional cover letter is just as important as a polished CV when it comes to your job application, and employers need to be equally impressed with both.

  • How to write a good cover letter: DO use Achievement Verbs of what you have done.


Achievement Verbs are vital on a cover letter, as the employer will get the idea of what you have already accomplished, feeling reassured that you have initiative, can take control, lead the team and hit your targets. These are just a few you could use, depending on the specific position you’re applying for:

  • Achieved
  • Negotiated
  • Managed
  • Launched
  • Generated
  • Reorganised

  • How to write a good cover letter: DO write your Concrete Skills.

Highlight your skills (Sales, Telephone, Communication, Interpersonal, Computer skills and such) as much as you can, referring to concrete examples in your previous job experience of using the skills required in the job description. This will allow the employer easily realise that you’ve got right the relevant abilities they’re looking for, making you stand out from the other applicants.

  • How to write a good cover letter: DO write I will

I will is powerful. In a cover letter, it shows a great deal of confidence, assertiveness, desire to succeed and eliminates any element of insecurity or doubt you may have ever created elsewhere. Accompanied by a specific example of what you will do, is going to have your prospective employer already imagining you sitting at the desk dealing with clients. The expression I will also shows commitment and long-term objectives.

  • How to write a good cover letter: DON’T WRITE I feel / I think / I believe


These vague and redundant phrases will make your statement appear weak, showing you’re not exactly sure about what you’re stating. As a prospective employee, you want to show that you’re a positive individual that knows the game he/she is playing. Rather use I am confident that: it will sound much better.


    • How to write a good cover letter: NEVER, EVER, WRITE I need   It makes you appear in need, not needful. This definitely rules you out. Your prospective employer knows you need the jobs (you wouldn’t have applied otherwise), especially if you’re not currently working at the moment. Recruitment can’t be mixed with compassion, whereas excitement and enthusiasm are always contagious. Use I’m excited, I can’t wait to, I’m enthusiastic – they will feel it is true.

      • How to write a good cover letter: DON’T WRITE Just

Just? Really? Why would you use that? “I just wanted to send my application for the advertised job” shows you are afraid to disturb. Don’t be! You’re bringing them a service, a potentially good candidate: yourself.


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