How to sell advertising space in business magazines

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how to sell advertising spaceThe ways how to sell advertising space in magazines are a little different than for any other media. Let’s discover what makes it unique and how to sell advertising space by taking advantage of its specific potentialities.

Business magazine advertisements appear before a target audience. The demographics of who will be buying your publication, their average age and income, for example, must be clearly imprinted, to understand which companies want to reach your audience and it is critical that you show potential ad buyers this demographic information. 

By its very nature, a business magazine advertisement can have a value that exceeds the length of a current issue – a week, a month, even longer. So you can tell a prospective advertiser that, if sales don’t skyrocket the moment the issue containing her ad is released, there’s no need to worry: more people will be exposed to the advertisement with each passing day.

A business magazine advertising campaign holds the targetted attention for a much longer time than TV visuals, gone in a fleeting second – and the reader can study the printed ad without having any TV commercial announcer telling to buy now before it’s too late.

The biggest obstacle to any form of advertising is having the audience tune out the message. With radio advertising, a listener may switch stations when the commercials come on. With television, a commercial break becomes a potty break. A business magazine reader, especially a subscriber, will likely leaf through every page of an issue: that means a magazine ad has the chance to be seen by every person who subscribes or picks up an issue.

how to sell advertising spaceActually, cultivating the advertisers should start before you publish. How can this be achieved?

You will need to create a media pack with your rate sheet and a sample issue. A short and simple one, that explains a clear message of what you are offering and your target audience. Also, include a rate card with your different advertising options.  Now you can get on the phone and ring the companies you have identified as advertisers!

You will also need to sustain your strategy with:

  • Online presence. As well as creating a magazine, you should be establishing an online element with news, blogs and a forum. Your target audience will be online and unlikely to be reading magazines, a strong community is very powerful/attractive for advertisers. The online element will complement the printed magazine. For some buyers, a package deal that includes both print and online ads may have appeal.
  • Social communities. Have a number of social media accounts. Follow people who will be interested in magazine content. Follow brands that could be potential advertisers.
  • Create an online blog about the subculture and share on social media.
  • Create an event for your audience/community to meet, this will attract sponsors/supporters.

So, basically, you’ll need to create momentum and a clear target audience to then be in a position to approach businesses. Once this is done, you will need a mix of the phone, personal emails, email marketing, networking, blogs, social media and then you will find the most effective medium to get businesses on board.

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