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Posted on:  May 09,2020  Author: Admin

Believe it or not, many are still hiring right now - even in the midst of the lockdown we’re currently facing. Not to mention, video interviews are becoming commonplace when it comes to the hiring process. It provides companies with a whole host of benefits, including valuable cost and time savings. That being said, interviewees also benefit from being able to cut out the commute as well as take the interview from the comfort of their own home.


Now is a great time to familiarise yourself with the various ways in which you can go about executing your video interview in order to maximise your chances of landing the job. We’ll talk through the different types of video interview, as well as what you should wear, whilst also providing you with useful insights and tips on body language and other non verbal communication. All of these things will help you build a strong foundation on which to propel yourself further down the road to securing your place at the desired company.


Firstly, find a quiet location with good internet connectivity. These two factors are where you should begin, and are arguably two of the most important elements to get right from the beginning. If you live with others, it would be a good idea to notify those in your household to keep the volume down throughout the duration of your interview - this gives the best impression and shows that you are accountable and responsible in the way you prepare beforehand. Make sure that there are no drops in your internet speed either, we recommend a line in connection for higher speeds. If this isn’t an option, try and move your workstation closer to the Wifi router in your home.


Make sure you can be heard. The quality of your microphone says a lot about you, it can show the employer that you are seeking to be heard and understood at all times, all the while placing value on your spoken word. The quality of your webcam also makes a positive impact in a similar way, as being highly visible with a crystal clear picture will allow you to better connect with your interviewer. Seeing as video interviews are remote, it is important to bear this in mind - communicating over the internet can make it seem like there is a buffer between yourself and the recipient of your message. Having a clear webcam and a good microphone is great at crossing this boundary. Another tip - position your webcam at eye level and keep it centered for a good picture.


As for presentation, wear something nice, but something appropriate. We recommend smart casual to play it safe. This can also show your employer that you still maintain high sartorial standards even given the current situation where it is more than easy to constantly wear loungewear. That being said, tailor your outfit to the company culture so you have the best idea of what is appropriate. Dressing nicely when working from home can also help productivity in some cases, so it’s something to bear in mind when looking at the bigger picture too.


Another note on presentation - make sure that you are using a professional username if your video interview takes place over Skype, Google, or any other video conferencing platform. Make sure your profile picture is up to scratch too - don’t get caught logging in with a username and display picture you made in your teens!


Moving onto body language and eye contact, it is important to bear these factors in mind during a video interview. The idea is to convey the same level of connection you would in an in-person interview. Try and avoid looking at your interviewer on the screen when answering a question - direct your gaze towards the webcam so that your eyes are more likely to align with the interviewer’s eyes on the other end. When you’re listening, feel free to look back at the screen. Sitting upright is also a great way of conveying optimism with your body language, so make sure you have a good chair and keep your posture upright.



Lastly, practice! Set up a few calls with your friends to see how you do. Ask them to give you candid and honest feedback about your executional points, such as your body language and eye contact levels. This kind of practice will make a big difference, and it will also make you seem prepared. Remember, you want to make it look like you’ve done this a million times before and that this is a standard procedure for you. This will exude confidence which will only help your performance anyway!


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