How to learn a language quickly despite the busy sales schedule

Posted on:  November 15,2016  Author: Admin

The sales industry is full of people from different countries and cultures; if you want to be the best, you don’t want to be limited by your reluctance to think of how to learn a language quickly. At times, you’ll find your clients’ native tone isn’t English and you’ll not only impress, you could even close a deal thanks to a few basic phrases you spent a couple of hours learning – can’t sniff at that return, can we? 

So what should you be doing to be bilingual in days?

  • How to learn a language quickly #1: Transform the daily routine

The drive to work can actually become one of the most productive parts of your day, without you even realising it. By listening to an audiobook or podcast on route to and from work, you’ll be going through the routine while picking up a new language.

Don’t expect it to just come to you instantly, give it time, try to listen out for the occasional pattern and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to learn a new language without much effort.

  • How to learn a language quickly #2:  Download the mass of appsHow to learn a language quickly

The first thing you did when you thought you’d learn a new language, and before finding this article, was download a pile of apps you’ve since forgotten about.

Apps can do everything from live translation, learning phrases, pronunciation, word placement and plenty more; you are however in danger of relying on the app to do everything for you when the time comes to put your new language into practice. Assure the apps you download are only used as an assistant, rather than your new voice.

  • How to learn a language quickly #3:  Befriend the bilingual

Working in sales, there’s a high chance someone in your workplace can speak more than one language – make friends with them!

One of the most effect language learning methods is to completely immerse yourself; have a conversation with your new mate in the choice language, make sure they stick to the language and assure they are tough on you. If you’re struggling, your partner can explain what they’re saying and help you put it all into context.

It doesn’t matter how many words you’ve learned and the grammar you’ve understood, nothing can prepare you for an actual conversation.

  • How to learn a language quickly #4:  Put the Sky subscription to good use

Flick through the mass of foreign language channels and enjoy what’s on the screen. Steer clear of the subtitles or you may end up sat reading English without taking anything in.

Pay attention to the body language and activities of the characters on screen. If the character looks at a cup, there’s a high probability you’ve just learned a new word – who doesn’t what to know how to say ‘cup in Russian? 

This can also be applied to the character conversations, if you have a beginners’ understanding grasp on the language, you’ll probably pick up on common words and gather a solid understanding of the placement of these words.

  • learning3How to learn a language quickly #4:  Go travelling

Last minute flights and services like Airbnb have made it cheap and easy to go just about anywhere on the planet.

Put what you’ve learned up to this point into practice by frequently talking with locals. Ask them how they are, what they’re up to, where they’re going or where the best restaurants are – you’ll soon realise how much you’ve learned and you’ll soon be on your way to being fully bilingual!



Do you have any other tips on how to learn a language quickly?

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