How to do email marketing and get more sales

Posted on:  March 12,2019  Author: Admin

Email is one of the best ways to stay in contact with your clients and also, if you have any deals, if you need your customers to know about any new development or products, you can easily do so through an email list. We decided to provide a small guide on how to do email marketing and get more sales because email marketing continues to be one of the best ways to sell your products or services online.

So if you are not building an email list yet, we definitely recommend that you start today!

  • Make sure that you are actively building your email list on a consistent basis. Make sure your signup form is as visible as possible, above the fold. Users should notice that you are giving something of value away for free in return for the email address.
  • Once you have people on your email list, you want to make sure you keep it clean, deleting all undeliverable addresses. This will help you reduce the bounce rate of all of your emails and it will also improve your spam score.
  • You should do a list segmentation based on characteristics, products or services that they bought in the past or they signed up for. This also will help you improve your open rates, click-through rates and the sales that you generate.
  • Always be selling through your email list. This does not mean that every email you send must only have a selling purpose, but make sure that at the footer of each email there is a call to action offering the service or product more relevant with that information.
  • Create a story through your emails, so that when you are writing your emails, if you want people to engage with it, connect with you and read your emails to the call to action that is at the end, leading them there through an engaging story.
  • Make sure you are building a relationship with the people on your email list, let them know that you are credible in that particular field, the qualifications that you have, the publications that you've been featured in, your specific experience. This will help you build credibility and people on the email list to trust you and be more likely to open your emails when they realise that you are a credible source of information. You also want to let people know who you are; this may include sending people to a video which shows your face, so they will trust you even more. If you run a company, get a video of you working in your office with your employees and make your brand more personable and relatable, including pictures of yourself and your colleagues.
  • Every now and again, someone will choose to unsubscribe from your email list for one reason or another. It may be that they were not interested in a particular topic or it may just be that they are trying to get less email in their inbox. Yet, having a low unsubscribe rate is a good indication that you are doing a good job and keeping those on your email list happy.
  • Make sure you are emailing the people on your email list often enough: they signed up to your email list, you didn't force them to be there, especially if they double opted in. This means that they want to receive your emails. If you forget to email them and if you don't communicate with them often, they will forget who you are and eventually they will become blind to the emails that you send them. You want to make sure that they have that touchpoint with you and they become familiar.
  • Make sure you always provide value: you will keep people on your email list and hopefully they will tell their friends and family about the great information they get from you and you will have successfully created a loyal customer for your business.
  • Send emails set up on your subscriber's local time, or you could end up send up sending them emails around midnight, or at times you don't want to email them at. This helps to increase your open rate, too.
  • Don't overuse your subscriber's name in your email. This makes them feel special: keep it just for once in a while or in very important emails, so they will open them better.
  • Follow the same theme in every email and people will start to keep up with you. Use the same clean and simple font and style in your email.
  • The first 100 characters of your email are the most important. Especially for Gmail, when you send an email, people can see a part of your email body in their inbox before opening it. If you have a longer title, this will be shorter, but a powerful, catchy beginning of your body will let people read it before opening the email and that's going to help your email open rates even more.


We hope you found it interesting: it can be a really powerful help for any business. And if your sales skills are very strong, but you don't appreciate so much the current job you're doing at the moment, check all the newest media sales vacancies and apply to make yourself the best possible gift for 2020!

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