Feeling the strain during lockdown? Here are 5 work from home tips that could help!

Posted on:  April 27,2020  Author: Admin

Recent times has meant that many people have now been forced to work from home. Whilst the idea of working from home might seem like a great idea, it can take some time to get used to and is not something that is suitable for everyone.

There is a good chance that you might be feeling the strain during these lockdown times. To help you to make the most of lockdown and your chances to work from home, we have put together our top tips to make things that little bit easier.


Behave as if you were going into your officebehave as you would in the office

It can be exciting to work from home and knowing that you can work around what you need. Whilst it may be tempting to stay in your PJs and sit on the bed all day, you really need to behave as if you were heading into the office. Get dressed, sit at a table and tell yourself that even if your commute was from the bedroom to your laptop, that it is was still you leaving the house and heading into work.


Try and structure your day

When you have worked from home for a few days you are going to quickly realise that it is too easy to get distracted and loose focus on what you need to do. This means that it is a much better idea to do whatever you can to structure your day. Create yourself a healthy looking ‘to do’ list. Think about the tasks that really need to be done, as well as things that you may have been putting off previously whilst you were working from office, but now, working from home, could actually help you to get finished.


Stay in touch with people stay in touch with people

One common issue with working from home is that it can lead you to be somewhat of a hermit, spending most of your time hiding away at home by yourself. This means that you are not quite as likely to want to get in touch with people, be that via phone or video chat. One important thing to make sure that you do, particularly during this lockdown period, is do your best to catch up with others on a regular basis. There is a wealth of video platforms that can help you to do this and whilst it may be a pain to have to schedule in time for these video calls, it can actually really help your mood.


distraction when working from homeKnow that distractions will happen

Many people who work from home on a regular basis do so without their families around. However, in the present time, this is not likely to be the case. There are going to be children in and out, housemates asking if you want a cup of tea and other family members trying to work too. This means that distractions are going to happen. The thing to try and remember is that you should not be frustrated by them. Take distraction as a sign that you might need a break, that you might need to move away from the task at hand and go back to it in 10 minutes.


Take a break  take a break

Of course, another important thing to keep in mind is that you need to have a break from working throughout the day and you need to make sure that you are taking care of your physical and mental wellbeing too.




Things are hard with social distancing rules and we do not know how long this will last. However, one thing is for sure - this hardship is going to end. There will come a time when things are back to relative normality. Hopefully, these tips will take away any strain that you my currently experience. And you never know, even when things are back to normal, you might want to think about working from home more often. 



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