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Digital Out of Home Media (OOH): using new tech for brand relevance

The vertiginous pace of technology innovation, that is helping consumers discover new ways to interact with the world around, is almost as vertiginous for marketers, because the traditional, and once straightforward marketing funnel now looks more like a complex spider web of moments along which marketers must influence, connect and impact consumer consideration until the point of purchase.

Some of the world’s leading technology, mobile and digital brands consider now the Digital Out of Home Media (OOH) the solution that gives them the reach that they need to connect with the power of those fluid consumer touch-points.

Kantar data revealed that 68 out of the top 100 OOH advertisers in 2016 had increases in Digital Out of Home Media (OOH) spend equal or greater to the industry increase of 3.1 percent, almost one-quarter of which were from the tech sector.

Digital Out of Home Media (OOH), in fact, doesn’t just deliver an impactful brand message, but it also integrates well with other mediums. In fact, consumers want to Digitalexperience things in the physical world. A creative Digital Out of Home Media (OOH) campaign now can travel well beyond the individual ad placements.  Digital Out of Home Media (OOH) has the unique ability to prime the impact of digital and mobile marketing in the physical world, amplifying and extending a brand’s impact in an increasingly mobile culture.

Consumers and influencers alike have a unique reaction to seeing themselves, their content and their causes on some of the largest advertising displays available in any city in the world. Experiences in the physical world can travel digitally and make consumers passionate in a way that’s exclusively OOH. In fact, Google estimates that more than 50 percent of all mobile searches have local intent, with 17% of search happening while consumers are on the go.

Clear Channel RADAR, with its sophisticated campaign planning, attribution and measurement capabilities, is helping brands more effectively target consumers outside the home.

In today’s world of clicks, likes and page views, Digital Out of Home Media (OOH) is a very strategic media buy because it’s always on and is constantly surrounding and immersing audiences with real, powerful advertising, wherever consumers live, work, travel, shop and play.

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