Sales Manager job description

media sales manager job descriptionA Sales Manager job description explains what it takes to become responsible for a sales team. This could range from a simple team manager job with a group of junior sales executives on one title or website, all the way up to the sales director of a media owner, responsible for many sales managers and hundreds of sales staff.

These roles are grouped under one heading because their skills remain similar whilst ramping up the responsibility and pay scale. Sales Manager job description includes being tasked with motivating the sales executives and the overall operations of the sales functions.

They have ultimate responsibility for their business unit. They are targeted not only on performance but also for the profit brought to the company. Thus, sales management is almost always populated with successful ex-salespeople. They know how to do the business and have the same motivations. The best sales managers have the ability to communicate with their team as well as their clients. The worst sales managers have egos that go against team management.

The Key Responsibilities in a Sales Manager job description usually include:

    • Managing an existing team of semi-experienced sales executives
    • New Business Selling to Key customer accounts
    • Repeat selling to repeat account customers
    • Sales training
    • Developing existing sales executives
    • Recruiting, training
    • Motivating new sales executives
    • Achieving monthly sales revenue target set
    • Identify and develop new project revenue streams and opportunities.
    • Liaising closely with operations, editorial and production management to manage the publications
    • Attend events to meet and build relationships with key account exhibitors
    • Lead from the front with business development
    • Working with the Agency Head of Sales and Sales Director to drive new business for the team.
    • Being responsible for generating performance advertising revenue from media agencies.
    • Using existing contacts to make an immediate impact
    • Maximising market share, winning new business
    • Being highly visible within the UK team in a given agency patch
    • To ensure monthly advertising sales targets are achieved
    • Developing and growing personal client base
    • Developing and growing the entire team client base
    • Using current market information to analyse trends
    • Making recommendations regarding Sales Plan and Strategy
    • Respond to RFPs and customise proposals to win new business with multi-media sales managers

The Requirements in a Sales Manager job description generally are:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 4-5 years working within the specific type of media sales
  • Extensive network within UK agencies
  • Natural entrepreneurial flair
  • Ability to work in a hands-on, demanding environment
  • Proven history of consistently exceeding targets within a highly competitive marketplace
  • Technical understanding of the specific type of media sales industry
  • Pro-active, fun and enthusiastic is a must
  • Passion for creative advertising

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