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media planner featured imageA media planner usually works for a media or advertising agency. A media planner job entails evaluating the best media platforms or advertising solutions on the market that match the end user’s target audience and brief. The media planner role expects you to negotiate between a media owner and advertiser. You assist in defining the media brief and plan, research routes to market, evaluate the ROI. Then, you make recommendations upon which the entire account and the long-term business will be based. This job is not to be taken lightly. Once the sale is made, the media planner is responsible for the implementation of the project. They are watched closely by both the chiefs of the ad agency and the client, as the media planner is ultimately the person accountable for the project.

The Key Accountabilities of a Planner job description generally are:

  • Work within the planning team to maximise inventory from a rate and volume perspective
  • Ensure yields deliver company targets.
  • Deliver compelling responses to briefs that up/cross sell where relevant.
  • Ability to translate data & insight into practical action on a daily basis.
  • Customer Focus
  • Respond promptly and accurately to trading and audience briefs.
  • Fully understand the clients’ requirements
  • Prepare briefs that respond to their needs.
  • Seek insight from traders and AM’s to ensure responses are targeted to the advertiser.
  • Maintain relationships with agency/specialist and other external contacts.
  • Team Work, Partnership and People Management
  • Work closely with the trading team on day-to-day business, responding as required.
  • Supporting senior planners on day-to-day tasks and ad-hoc projects.
  • Build relationships outside of sales including Development, Product and Marketing
  • Help deliver on ad-hoc projects outside of daily remit,
  • Utilise product knowledge and experience.
  • Understand the Business, Building Capability
  • Develop an excellent understanding of the company inventory and products at both micro and macro levels.
  • Working knowledge of planning tools
  • Navigate the complex advertising landscape
  • Develop effective, strategically sound media plans across all titles and platforms (print and digital branded content, display, programmatic, social, etc.).
  • Work closely with central creative functions
  • Ensure optimum amplification of content
  • Produce sensible asset lists for supporting media.
  • Develop expertise in local market capabilities,
  • Develop entry level packages, costs and benchmarking to feed into top level planning before reaching out to local teams.
  • Support the sales team to articulate media strategy in client and agency pitches.
  • Work closely with the business Lead and Project Management team
  • Assimilate company-wide knowledge, experience, and ideas to translate into best practice and knowledge sharing.
  • Mentor and manage the planning team
  • Stay abreast of digital developments in the market
  • Keep global media plans competitive and relevant.

The typical Requirements in a Media Planner job description are:

  • Knowledge of leading sales systems and process
  • Consistent upselling and cross selling
  • Strong negotiator
  • Excellent customers service skills
  • Thorough understanding of the global media landscape, particularly the Company’s brands.
  • Proven success in leading and delivering complex global media plans.
  • Highly digitally skilled.
  • Agency experience is desirable.
  • Ability to handle multiple projects, prioritise work assignments and meet deadlines.
  • Aptitude for strategic thinking and numerical analysis.
  • Highly numerate with close attention to detail.
  • A lateral and creative thinker.
  • Extremely strong verbal communication skills.
  • High proficiency in Excel and Keynote.
  • The experience of working internationally and or foreign languages are always a bonus.

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