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media sales publisherThe terms “publisher jobs” are almost as broad as the term “salesperson”. In smaller companies, a publisher job is oftentimes classed as the managing director or CEO in other fields, as they are in charge overall.

Large publishing companies that have multiple brands and formats (such as books, journals, magazines, online content, etc.) may have separate publishers for each brand and/or format. Whether in a small or large company, the publisher is the end of the line. Ultimately, the publisher is responsible for the success or failure of the product, therefore must endeavour to make sure the sales team is focused on the right advertiser. In turn, this complements the editorial output, the design and the readership. Publisher & Producer job description usually encompasses managing the overall production, promotion and distribution. Although publisher & producer jobs are both grouped together on this site, the positions aren’t quite the same. Simply defined, a producer is effectively the publisher of broadcast-natured media, such as radio and TV.

Your job will be to maximise sales revenue through effective utilisation of inventory from both audience and trading perspectives. This involves utilising the full portfolio of products where relevant, balancing volume and rate on a period-by-period basis in line with business requirements.
Building strong relationships with both trading and agency teams to ensure timely and effective responses to briefs, while communicating inventory pressures as required.

The Publisher will have to help lead and grow the category’s commercial revenues and to drive new business through alignment with their current offering, commercial strategy and category specific opportunities including the creation of new tactical products where relevant. This will range from the growth of seasonal cross-platform revenues, and act as the lead to identify and facilitate opportunities for category’s spend elsewhere in the business. At its heart, the role requires excellent internal relationships with relevant editors to identify & create opportunities, and sales teams to ensure that they are realised. Externally, the role will act as lead evangelist supporting sales connected to the properties with clients and agencies.

The typical Requirements in a Publisher job are:

  • Minimum of 2 years sales and business development experience (B2B)
  • Track record in working with revenue targets
  • Self-motivated and able to work independently
  • Superb communication skills in spoken and written English
  • A demonstrable and sustainable high level of energy and enthusiasm
  • Clear entrepreneurial flair and passion for doing business
  • Able to work and perform in a high pressured environment
  • Happy to work as part of a growing business
  • Interest in current affairs/business/publishing
  • Strong academic background; a Bachelor degree minimum 2;1 (Business/Management/Economics preferable)
  • Good organisational skills
  • Excellent research abilities

What about a Conference Producer job description, Responsibilities typically are:

  • Assessing the commercial feasibility of conference topics through conducting in-depth market research with key industry figures and potential attendees
  • Develop compelling conferences programmes, through desk research and phone and face to face meetings with industry specialists
  • Working closely with the marketing department to coordinate the marketing, communications and sales plan for the event
  • Develop sponsorship strategy with the sponsorship manager for each event, including identifying target sponsors

And the most commonly Required Skills and Qualifications in a Producer job description:

  • A solid background in producing high-quality B2B events
  • Excellent academic credentials
  • A firm understand of the ways in which production, sales, and marketing intertwine to create a successful event
  • Exposure to large-scale events would be advantageous
  • Able to travel to events internationally

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