Graduate Intern / Trainee Sales Executive job description

graduate media sales executiveA graduate, intern or trainee sales executive job is focused on gaining experience to pursue sales as a career. A graduate, intern or trainee sales executive is expected to learn the arts of communication and rapport-building to generate revenue for the business.

The media industry is so vast, covering all aspects of our lives, that there is something of interest for everyone. The salespeople working on niche publications and events are generally enthusiasts on that particular topic. There’s always someone who wants to advertise to that audience and a media salesperson helps them do just that. You must also find advertising fascinating and have a good awareness of brands.

If you want to work in media sales, you also need to like people because every aspect of the job involves relationships.
Building good relationships with people will make your career significantly more enjoyable and successful.
Good interpersonal and communication skills and sociable, outgoing personality are needed. The key to success is combining them with energy and drive, enthusiasm and self-discipline.

General required skills in a Graduate Intern / Trainee Sales Executive job description

  • Organisational skills, multi-tasking and prioritisation
  • Time management is key.
  • Attention to detail is essential
  • Good numeracy is important to be able to understand and interpret data in your sales pitches
  • creative problem-solving with new and innovative solutions to satisfy your clients’ marketing objectives.

Common salary package in a Graduate Intern / Trainee Sales Executive job description

Salaries vary depending on the size of the company you work for and the sector you’re in. Anyway, media sales industry provides some of the best-paid graduate careers and with promotion, this rises rapidly.

  • Entry level salaries are usually around £16-18k basic plus monthly or quarterly commission payments. These are dependent on your sales performance and company-specific criteria, but can boost your pay packet up to £24-25k in the first year. Graduates who perform well can expect their basic salary to increase after as little as 6 months.
  • graduate, in first-year OTE £18-24,000
  • sales executive, up to 2 years £24-30,000
  • senior sales, up to 3 years £28-35,000
  • deputy manager, 2-4 years £30-40,000
  • ad manager, up to 5 years £35-50,000+
  • group ad manager £40-60,000+
  • publisher, sales director £50-70,000+

The opportunities are there, you just need to grab them. Now that you know you have some clear ideas about what is a graduate, intern or trainee Sales executive job description, don’t waste any time, check the graduate media jobs! Decide whether you prefer to view all existing graduate media jobs or you can specify if you prefer them within

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