Business to Consumer or B2C Publishing

Business to Consumer or B2C PublishingAs for B2B Publishing, Business to Consumer or B2C is simple to understand. Business to Consumer or B2C is a business advertising their goods or services to the general population.

As with B2B Publishing, B2C Publishing can be combined with other sectors, such as Consumer events or websites. However, for simplicity, this site refers to regular publications in these three different sectors. We have separated B2B Publishing and Business to Consumer or B2C Publishing into two sections, as they tend to have slightly different skill sets and types of decision makers to whom they sell. They also tend to be remunerated in a different way. Of course, it all depends on the specific employer; but there are some differences commonly noticed between the two sectors: B2B Publishing contains more cold-calling, low-basic, high-commission roles. B2C Publishing involves softer, long-term sales processes with account management facets, higher basic, and smaller or group bonuses.

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