Ambient Media definition: expect the unexpected!

ambient media

Paris Zoo opening: Ubi Bene Agency created this original but at the same time simple ambient campaign.

Ambient Media definition is the constant drive to think of something never seen before.

Ambient media is fun, unconventional and edgy, but very hard to define. Adverts found in strange, unexpected places can be classified as ambient. Giant versions of a product on the side of a building are ambient. Same are the tiny versions found just behind the cinema kiosk. Originally, ambient media was the darling of the small-budget, guerrilla marketing agency. Now, major brands with huge budgets embrace it. Outside the box is mainstream.

Ambient media are out-of-home products and services that let the communication be ubiquitous and pervasive.
It exists in static, digital or experiential formats, used in conjunction with other traditional media, or as a stand-alone activity.

You will find it where people spend more time, like shopping malls, coffee shops, gyms, sporting clubs, amusement parks, etc. The growth of ambient media was built on a greater demand for point-of-sale communications.

Ambient advertising works on the consumer dwell time during normal everyday activities. Pushing a brand message in front of consumers produces mass attention. This develops a better top of mind recall within target audiences. It provides the ability to advertisers to maintain brand awareness.

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